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sodders's Journal

25 May 1985
I am a 24 year old Fire Liger from Omaha NE.
Now currently living in Madison, Alabama.

I am a gay furry since 2005. Have 2 fursuits, One of the copyrighted character "Doggie Kruger" who is retired. One of my actual Fursona, my Fire Liger!

Current Con plans are:
RCFM 2009, MFM 2009, MFF 2009, FC 2010.

I have a loving mate named Fyrefang. He's so cute I just keep him forever! Which I will! So There! He's a great hubby :D

Love gaming and fursuiting with others, if you see me at a convention, do not feel afraid to say hi and give me a hug! I love hugs!

Doggy Kruger is love.

(Banners made by Bayson)

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life